The ocean has inspired me to use mussel shells as models in many of my creations.  The inside of a moon shell has a logarithmic spiral that fascinates me and is seen in many pieces.  You will find starfish in silver and some with gold accents combined with fused silver rings.  My drawings and etchings in copper are transformed into my sculptural fine silver pieces.  Spirals are always central.

Silver Seaside
Price: $ 680

Logarithmic spirals found in shells and starfish symbolize continual change. The fused and textured fine silver circles suspend and join these natural antiqued impressions.
Silver Mussel Lindsay
Blue Mussel Shell Necklace
Very Large Blue Mussel Shell
mussel shell bracelet
Price: $ 368

Four small fine silver mussels are suspended on a fine silver parallel weave bracelet.
mussel shell on mesh
Price: $ 188.00

This fine silver mussel shell is suspended on a stainless steel mesh chain with a hand-drawn sine silver bail.  Extensions at the back allow the necklace to have various lengths.
Golden Mussel 2
Price: $940.00

This large mussel shell is suspended on handwoven gold-filled Viking Knit with hand-drawn fine silver bails and endocaps.  This necklace is a one-of-a-kind creation and was featured in the Island Artisans Assciation Art"Fall"ness show at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.
Suspended Star
Blue Star Earrings
Price: $168.00

Fine silver impressions of starfish (with blue patina) suspended on fused and textured fine silver rings - handmade sterling silver ear wires.
6 Gold and Silver Starfish
Price: $ 178

This fine silver starfish with 22K gold accents on the star is suspended from an 18" 1.2mm sterling silver chain and a gold-filled ring.
starfish on mesh and earrings
Signature Shell
Small Spiral for the Neck
Price: $88.00

This fine silver impression is of the inside of a shell has a turquoise patina and is suspended on 18” 1.2mm sterling silver chain.
Medium Spiral for the Neck

The medium spiral is the larger spiral shell on the model. This fine silver impression of the inside of a shell has a turquoise patina and is suspended on 18” 1.2mm sterling silver chain. Diameter of the spiral piece is approximately 1”.
Gay's earrings
Price: $158.00

Small spiral impressions of inside of shell suspended on textured silver rings.
Moon Shell

Fine Silver Moon Shell on 1.2mm 18” chain.  My Moon Shell necklaces come in a variety of forms since they are all individually handmade by me.
Medium Spiral on Lindsay
$ 198.00 

This impression of the inside of a shell is called my "medium spiral" and it is suspended on the three fused fine silver rings.
Just Moulin' Around
Incoming Tide
Weaving Around Silver
Silver Ripples on Water
Silver Layers
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Walking on Eggshells
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