Copper and Silver

Working with copper has been an adventure.  Combining silver with copper by overlapping my hand-drawn silver pieces over domed, textured copper disks was the beginning.  I then began etching copper, which opened up an entirely different realm.  Not only using the etched copper pieces on their own either polished or torched – but also to create a deep etch that I could transfer into my silver pieces.  Finally, fusing silver onto copper is fascinating to me since you get this reticulated effect.  I am sure I will be experimenting more as time goes on.

Copper and Silver Necklace 24
Price: $88.00
Hand-drawn Fine Silver piece suspended on a textured copper domed piece measuring approximately 1.25” in diameter - on a 1.2mm 18” sterling silver chain.
Copper with Silver I
Price: $88.00
Textured domed copper earrings with triangular fine silver hand-drawn pieces - handmade sterling silver ear wires.
Copper Moons
$58 - $78
Torched Etched Copper
$58 - $78
Rajotte045 Nicola earrings
Domed fused silver on copper suspended on fused and textured fine silver ring. Handmade sterling silver ear wires.
Fused Silver on Copper with Mesh
Domed fused silver on copper suspended on 18” stainless steel mesh with my hand-drawn silver bail. The necklace has an extension to adjust for different lengths, my handmade sterling silver clasp and my signature charm.
Between Waves

Hand-drawn fine silver on textured domed copper - sterling silver chains.
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Victoria, BC, Canada
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