Woven Silver and Pearls

I weave silver using the ancient art of Chain Maille or Viking Knit creating something fluid from solid silver wire.  I use both fine silver and sterling silver in these pieces.  Combining pearls and some of my hand-drawn pieces creates new and interesting designs. Pearls have become a passion for me.  I have read many meanings of pearls – some say they are the ultimate symbol for wisdom or that they represent serenity, strength, purity and integrity.  If pearls have a calming effect, perhaps that is what we need right now – to be calm, be kind and stay safe (in the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry).

Weaving Around Gold
Price: $268.00

Hand-woven Viking Knit in gold-filled, hand-made sterling silver clasp, charm with signature chop.
Weaving Around in Silver
Viking knit with pearls
Price: $168.00

Fine Silver hand-woven Viking Knit woven with freshwater pearls and bone beads, hand-made sterling silver clasp, charm with signature chop.
Parallel Weave with Mussel
Parallel Weave
$218 - $328
Byzantine enhanced earrings adj
Price: $98

Hand-woven chain maille - Byzantine pattern with domed fine silver piece - either hand-drawn or sunflower impression (as shown in this photo) handmade sterling silver ear wires.
European 4-in-1
2 Suspended Sun Necklace
Pearls of Wisdom Necklace
Price for Necklace: $868.00
Bracelet SOLD

Hand-drawn layers of fine silver with pearl are suspended hand-woven fine silver Viking Knit with hand-made sterling silver clasp, charm with signature chop.
Rajotte066 Necklace Floating Fresh Water
A white Freshwater Pearl is suspended in a textured, fine silver circle on an 18" 1.2mm sterling silver chain.
Floating Freshwater pearl earrings and n
Earrings: $78  Necklace $78

White Freshwater Pearls are suspended in fine silver fused circles.  Necklace has an 18"  1.2mm sterling silver chain.
Freshwater Pearl and Moon Shell
White Freshwater Pearl is suspended between fine silver fused ring and moon shell. 24" 1.2mm sterling silver chain
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Victoria, BC, Canada
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