I was born in Vancouver and have lived throughout BC, usually close to the ocean from which I get my inspiration. I moved to Victoria in 2002 and I absolutely love the feel of this city with wonderful friends (new and old) and an inspirational art community.

I studied Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia while completing my degree in honours Mathematics; I then taught Advanced Placement Calculus for over thirty years, finishing my teaching career at St. Michaels University School in 2011. I have always created visual art with drawing, painting, fabric art, writing and performance art (theatre/dance). This may seem unusual for a mathematician but I believe mathematics to be an integral part of all art. Since 2004, I have concentrated on making silver and copper wearable art pieces that are individual and unique, invariably influenced by the seashore. I create all of my pieces by hand - they reflect the symmetry of nature and life on the West Coast.

I am constantly discovering more about the unique properties of silver and copper, learning from my own investigations. However, these discoveries could not have been possible without skills from following courses:

2004 - 2005 Level I and II Certification in Precious Metal Clay

2005 Viking Knit

2006 - 2007 Intensive Metal Work (manipulating silver, copper, use of patinas, soldering, sawing, and forging)

2004 Chainmaille

2010 Etching

2013 Chasing/Repousse with Nancy Megan Corwin (MISSA).

2013 Combining bronze, copper and steel clays with Hadar Jacobson (caning/mokume/inlay)

Galleries, exhibitions and selected/juried shows where I have sold my work include:

2012 - Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Gift Shop

2010 - 2013 Sooke and Sidney Fine Arts Show

2011 - 2014 Fairfield Artists Studio Tour

2008 and 2014 Filberg Festival, Comox

2013 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Paint-In

2012 Featured Artist in Woodland Gardens Artisans Festival, Courtenay

2007 - 2013 Out of Hand Christmas Fairs, Victoria

2007 - 2013 Gifts Show/IAA Galleries, Victoria

2008 NYA Blue, New York

2008 The Avenue Gallery, Oak Bay

However, perhaps the most important thing is that I love doing what I am doing. Art is a means of communication and I have found this to be true with my art.